A fourteen-storey building with over 150 apartment suites and studios with a basement carpark, gymnasium, conference facilities and restaurant. A key constraint was building over an existing stormater detention tank that covered half the building footprint which lead to a piled solution with a temporary beam grillage to span between tank supports to support a piling rig. Co-ordination with the tank to ensure proposed column and bracing structure did not clash with the tank frames was required to ensure as minimal strengthening work to the tank as possible. An efficient structural design with an emphasis on construction speed, simplicity and consideration for market supply conditions resulted in a cost-effective structure. The comflor steel tray concrete composite floor system was designed as un-propped to increase construction speed and reduce labour associated costs. The supporting steel beams were designed as composite to reduce steel tonnage with specific fire design, reducing the use of intumescent paint. Steel K-Braces were used in conjunction with precast shear walls (stair and lift cores) creating in a highly efficient seismic bracing system.

  • Stage: Under Construction 2023

  • Client: Safari Group

  • Architect: Studio 37

  • Construction cost: Circa $80M

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