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Senior Staff

Enovate has a strong company vision of integrity, passion, consistency and camaraderie. We have a culture where our people enjoy coming to work for a new professional challenge, to become the office ping pong champion and to share with the rest of the team. We encourage a work-life balance philosophy and provide the opportunities for this to be achieved.

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Pat M
B.E. Civil (Hons), CPEng, MIPENZ, MIEAust

Pat has a Bachelor of Civil Engineering with honours from the University of Canterbury and has over 18 years of national and international experience from London, Dubai and Sydney before returning to New Zealand. Pat’s role as a co-founding director touches most aspects of Enovate including business development, team management, structural design and review. His experience in the use of different materials, particularly concrete and steel, compliments Mike’s mass timber expertise to ensure Enovate can offer a wide range of structural solutions to fit specific project requirements. Pat remains hands-on from a project delivery perspective to ensure quality performance through each design and construction phases.

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B.E. Civil (Hons), MSC, PhD, CPEng, MIPENZ

Mike has a Masters from the European School for Earthquake Engineering and a Doctorate in the design of multi-storey timber buildings. His recent professional experience includes being a co-founding Director of Enovate, designing and reviewing numerous residential, industrial and commercial structures. While proficient with concrete and steel design, Mike is sought after as a timber technology expert by a broad range of clients and teaches timber engineering at professional seminars and Universities. Mike’s roles within Enovate includes business development, structural design and review of new residential, commercial and educational projects, and the design and development of alternative structural systems.

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BE (Hons), PhD, CPEng, CMEngNZ

Brian graduated with honours and completed a PhD from the University of Canterbury. He has 4 years of research experience on seismic response and analysis of reinforced concrete (RC) frame buildings with precast flooring systems. He has over 11 years of consulting experience on assessment and strengthening of existing buildings and design/management of new bridges, civil structures, residential, commercial and industrial buildings.Brian’s role within Enovate are technical development, project management, and business development.

Dr Craig MuirAssociate & Christchurch Office Manager
PhD, BE (Hons), CPEng, IntPE(NZ), CMEngNZ

A strong background in research, design and analysis of building systems for earthquake resistance has enabled Craig to make a significant contribution to public safety though more resilient building stock, both within New Zealand and further afield. At Enovate, Craig uses these technical skills, combined with proven management and communication ability, to lead our assessment and advisory services.


Nuno completed a Masters degree from the NOVA University of Lisbon and has over 16 years experience both nationally and abroad. Nuno worked 5 years back home where he was involved in high-rise, stadium and bridge design before he ventured to Christchurch where he worked another 5 years contributing towards the re-build on seismic assessments/strengthening, and more recently managing a structural team up in Auckland. Nuno is proficient in concrete, steel and timber assisting the Enovate team to achieve high quality designs.

BE (Hons)

Zak has over a decade of structural engineering experience in NZ and the UK. Zak is a self-motivated and enthusiastic Structural Engineer with an in-depth knowledge and experience in the analysis, design, documentation and construction monitoring of new structures, the assessment and redevelopment of existing buildings and design management and coordination of multi-disciplinary projects. Zak’s collaborative work ethic, sound communication and practical solutions with architects, developers, project managers and contractors lead to effective, efficient and timely solutions.

NZ Dip Eng (Civ), MEngNZ

Throughout his 17 years of experience in Civil, Surveying, Asset Management and Structural Engineering, Nick has built a broad knowledge base to draw on to find innovative solutions to a variety of technical problems. He has a comprehensive history leading talented teams of BIM Technicians, running complex BIM projects with high levels of coordination and information management on a wide variety of projects throughout New Zealand.

The Engine Room

Sustainability Structures

Enovate has experience with providing sustainable structural design solutions in accordance with the Living Building Challenge, Home Star, Green Star and Passive House criteria. Our team can provide efficient structural solutions using renewable and low-embodied carbon structural systems/materials.

Enovate team members were involved in the first Living Building in NZ (the for the Tuhoe Iwi based in Taneatua) and have gone on to design numerous sustainable structural systems for a broad range of Clients. We have also assisted Auckland Council, Kainga Ora, Polytechnics and private developers to develop guidelines for sustainable/low-carbon structures.

Supporting NZ

Enovate strongly supports broader social, economic, and environmental outcomes for New Zealand. We are an advocate for the expansion of low embodied carbon structures within New Zealand, primarily through the application of mass timber technology. Enovate has been part of a primary growth partnership (PGP) scheme with the Ministry of Primary Industries to support value-add and economic development in the timber industry.

We are actively involved in engagement/training of designers and builders that are unfamiliar with prefabricated or mass timber structural systems, which increases skills/expertise, reduces health and safety risks on site and supports the broader application of new (and typically more sustainable) technology within New Zealand.

We can design structures in creative/adaptive ways to support our Clients’ aspirations to achieve broader outcomes through supporting certain supply chains or opportunities for economical/social development.