We are seeking talented individuals to join our team. This is a great opportunity to join a young and energetic firm with a high degree of technical knowledge and large growth potential. From day one, you will be coached by senior staff and will work collaboratively on a variety of projects to develop your skills.

Who we are

Enovate provides value to our clients through excellence and innovation in structural design. We recognise that the goals and objectives for each project are unique and we are committed to adding value through clear and robust communication with clients and the design team. Our extensive knowledge of structural systems, materials, the construction industry and modern structural design methods, ensures that Enovate can provide high-value designs.

Why work with us

The Directors of Enovate come from different backgrounds and have varying skillsets yet strongly agree on a common company vision and culture.

Firstly, we agreed upon the importance of company culture in itself and how it needed to reflect the core values that we live by on a daily basis. Integrity, passion and consistency are important for us to produce quality work but it is comradery that we are ultimately striving to achieve in the workplace.

We want the atmosphere in the office to be where people look forward to coming to work on a Monday morning to challenge the ping pong champion from last week or having a beer on a Friday night to discuss weekend plans. You spend more of your life at work than you do at home, so you might as well work with friends.


Senior Structural Engineer

Intermediate Structural Engineer

Senior Structural Draftsperson

Intermediate Structural Draftsperson