Structural Engineering

Our team at Enovate is highly trained with experience covering a wide range of materials and construction methods. We are capable of adding value to projects by providing numerous structural solutions that are cost effective.

Design of new structures

Enovate can provide structural design for a wide range of projects, including but not limited to multi-storey buildings, industrial buildings, residential constructions, educational facilities, marine structures, and complex structures.

Our team is in tune with the latest technologies, design methods and construction solutions in the structural engineering industry. We love a good challenge so we can utilise our specialist technical knowledge and provide simple alternative solutions to otherwise complex problems.

We have a strong reputation of delivering projects on time and to budget. From the beginning of a project, we are able to provide accurate and quick concept designs for early architectural co-ordination. We can provide a variety of structural solutions in order to optimize a project’s value from a structural and overall point of view.

Peer Reviews

Our design experience gives us the capability of providing a robust peer review process with a focus on working with other engineers proactively seeking a solution. During the peer review process, we take a holistic approach rather than just chasing compliance with design codes.

Detailed Seismic Assessment of Structures

We understand the considerable difference between the structural design of a new building compared to an assessment of an existing building. We are well trained on the means and ways to provide an accurate assessment of the expected seismic response of buildings, and on the provisions of the Building Act.

The process of seismic evaluation is highly technical, and should be undertaken by experienced and competent structural engineers. We can proudly say that we have the technical skills required.

Alterations, Additions and Seismic Retrofit of Structures

Often, after performing a Seismic Assessment we work collaboratively with the client to provide cost effective strengthening options which often co-inside with some alterations and additions to the existing building. We have worked on numerous projects where we have added significant value by extending the floor area of a building to help offset the strengthening costs.

It is often the case that buildings are strengthened using different structural systems compared to the original design. Our technical expertise plays a fundamental role in providing structural solutions that are not only structurally effective, but also viable from a constructability and economic point of view.



  • Structural engineering
  • Earthquake engineering
  • Design of reinforced concrete, steel, and timber structures
  • Low damage design
  • Design of Earthquake Resilient Structures
  • Seismic Assessment of Existing Structures
  • Retrofit of Structures
  • Structural Inspections and Remedial Design
  • Peer Review of Structural Designs and Assessments
  • Foundation engineering, Retention systems
  • Non-linear time history analysis, non-linear static and elastic analyses
  • Structural analysis of traditional and complex structures
  • Conceptual development of new structural technologies
  • Construction Monitoring