Patrick Mohan    

Director Pat has a broad range of national and international experience, working in London, Dubai and Australia and most recently setting up the Auckland branch of an Australian based structural engineering firm. Pat’s roles within Enovate are business development, including the procurement of work, marketing, networking and growth orientated goal setting, structural design and review for new residential, commercial, industrial and educational projects, and seismic assessment and strengthening design for existing buildings.

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Dr Michael Newcombe 

Director Mike has a masters from the European School for Earthquake Engineering and a Doctorate in the design of multi-storey timber buildings. His recent professional experience includes over two years as general manager of an Auckland-based structural engineering office, designing and reviewing numerous residential, industrial and commercial structures. While proficient with concrete and steel design, he is sought after as a timber technology expert by a broad range of clients and teaches timber engineering at professional seminars and University. Mike’s roles within Enovate are business development, structural design and review of new residential, commercial and educational projects, and the design and development of alternative structural systems.

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Denis Pino 

Director Denis has a Masters in structural engineering from the University of Canterbury and has over 12 years of experience on a wide range of projects including high-rise and medium-rise multi-storey buildings, industrial buildings, residential projects, marine structures etc. Early in his career, Denis spent 2 years working on construction sites as an Engineer to Contract in Chile, gaining a valuable appreciation for constructability. Denis’s strengths are structural analysis, design and detailing, and research and development of new structural systems and design methods. Denis’s role within Enovate is primarily as a technical director. This includes the maintaining a robust quality management system, technical development, structural design/review and project management.

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Brian Peng

Associate Director Brian graduated with honours and completed a PhD from the University of Canterbury. He has 4 years of research experience on seismic response and analysis of reinforced concrete (RC) frame buildings with precast flooring systems. He has over 9 years of consulting experience on assessment and strengthening of existing buildings and design/management of new bridges, civil structures, residential, commercial and industrial buildings. Brian’s role within Enovate is technical development, project management, and business development.

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Our Culture

The Directors of Enovate come from different backgrounds and have varying skillsets yet strongly agree on a common company vision and culture.

Firstly, we agreed upon the importance of company culture in itself and how it needed to reflect the core values that we live by on a daily basis. Integrity, passion and consistency are important for us to produce quality work but it is comradery that we are ultimately striving to achieve in the workplace.

We want the atmosphere in the office to be where people look forward to coming to work on a Monday morning to challenge the ping pong champion from last week or having a beer on a Friday night to discuss weekend plans. You spend more of your life at work than you do at home, so you might as well work with friends rather than with people you don’t get along with.